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Dating on the Farm

We surveyed over 100 farmers and they shared their best tips for dating as a farmer.

School's Out! (What that means on the farm)

Jolene Brown joins us to discuss the challenges of summer and how to tackle that 'free time' now what schools out!

A Lesson in Giving: Makes 8. Keep 5. Give 3 away.

Jolene Brown shares a lesson in giving with the help of her mother-in-law's legacy.

Working off of the Farm

While it can be a challenge, it can also be a good thing. Here are some pros and cons of working off of the farm.

Farm Employee Rules and Tips

Here are the best rules and tips for farm employees from farmers who know!


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Amazing Woman in Ag: Mason

There's a new face here at Pink Tractor. Meet Mason, who is joining us for the Summer!


Amazing Woman in Ag: Laura with Filly Flair

Meet an amazing woman in ag: Laura, former dairy farmer and owner of Filly Flair!


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