Green Wrapping

Photo by Mother Earth Living.

Christmas trees are green, so why not go green when wrapping this year. No need to use all that wrapping paper when you can be creative and go green this Christmas!

All you need to do this is take an old paper bag or some recycled newspaper as your wrapping paper. Some other options:

• manila envelopes
• wallpaper scraps
• white paper
• old sheet music
• maps
• last year's wrapping paper

Then grab some cute additions!

Tie a bow with raffia, ribbon, jute or yarn.

Add color with cut-outs from last year's wrapping paper or clippings from magazines.

Use construction paper to make paper circles or stars cut with pinking shears. You can use these as tags or just decoration.

Add a doily or a hand-made snowflake.

Add buttons or beads to your bows for even more color.

Recycle holiday cards to use as gift tags the following year. Cut the  illustration into smaller pieces and use the back for your holiday message.

Christmas card envelopes can also cute tags especially if they have a lovely holiday stamp or an interesting postmark.

Buy or make an ornament to use as a tag.

What other ideas do you have for a green Christmas?



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