Farmers Market: Summer Melons

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From cantaloupe to watermelon, the summer varieties are delicious and versatile. Melons are typically sweet and refreshing. They are also good for you: high in vitamins and with fiber and nutrients. Yesterday we shared a recipe for melon gazpacho, which is a perfect way to use your favorite summer melon! For more great melon recipes, keep reading!

There are three types of melons: Muskmelons, winter melons and watermelons.

Muskmelons: This family of melons is aromatic with a netted skin. Cantaloupe is one example.

Winter melons: This group has a hard rind and is less flavorful. It includes the honeydew melon.

Watermelons: These melons are known for their hard green skin. The entire watermelon is edible, from seed to skin.

Much like avocados, it can be tough to choose a melon based on the outside. The best melons are heavy with no soft spots. You want to choose a ripe melon because once they are harvested they don't usually improve in flavor.

These fruits are mostly eaten raw. But they can also be used in desserts, cocktails, salads, salsa, soups and smoothies…or even on the grill!

Store whole melons at room temperature but once you slice it up, it needs to be refrigerated.

Share your favorite recipes with us in the comments!

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