Making a perfect Omelet

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When you are looking for an easy breakfast, sometimes you might not think of eggs. Making scrambled eggs doesn't equal a meal and who has time to cook sides before getting to work? That's where the omelet comes in handy. With the right fillings, an omelet can be your whole meal. And eggs are good for you! 

To make an omelet, you just need:

2-3 eggs per person

Salt and pepper to taste

A little milk and cheese

Vegetable oil for cooking

Put everything (except vegetable oil) into a bowl and whip with a fork.

Get your pan hot on the stove with the vegetable oil.

Pour in egg mixture. Tilt the pan in a circle, so the egg mix spreads around the pan.

With a spatula, follow the edge of the pan and ensure edges remain loose. After 15 seconds, reduce heat to low and continue to cook.

If you want to add fillings, this is the best time. (For our suggested fillings, keep reading below).

When top has a moist texture, use spatula to fold one side of omelet over onto itself. It should be barely brown on the bottom side.

Serve and enjoy!


What are the best omelet fillings? Here are some of our favorites:

Ham or bacon with cheese

Tomatoes and swiss cheese

Spinach, onion and feta

Chorizo, cheese and jalape ños

Tomatoes and goat cheese

Hot sauce and white Mexican cheese

Tomatoes, green peppers and onions

And you can combine any all of the above for a fabulous breakfast!


For more great breakfast ideas that are quick and yummy, keep reading.

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