Know Your Plastics!

With the idea of going green growing increasing popular, we like to find ways to help make conscious choices for the environment. And while recycling soda cans and reusing water bottles can do a lot of good, there are other ways to be friendly to our planet!

HDPE (High density polyethylene)
This is found in milk jugs, trash and shopping bags, butter tubs and cereal box liners. These are also recyclable in most neighborhood recycling programs. They can be turned into detergent bottles, pens, pipe and even some furniture.

LDPE (Low density polyethylene)
This is a popular plastic used in grocery bags, dry cleaning bags, squeezable bottles, tote bags, clothing, etc. These items are usually not recycled unless through your local grocery store.

PET or PETE (Polyethylene terephthalate)
You have seen this in soft drink and water bottles or condiment containers. These are recycled at most curbside recycling programs. They can be reused as fleece, tote bags, furniture and more.

PP (Polypropylene)
Syrup/ketchup bottles, yogurt containers, drink lids, caps and straws and medicine bottles are made from polypropylene. These items are accepted by your local recycling program. They can be turned into a variety of products from brooms and rakes and ice scrapers to bins and bike racks.

PS (Polystyrene)
Another common plastic, polystyrene is found in: disposable dishes and carry-out containers, egg cartons and meat trays and some medicine bottles. These items are often recycled into insulation or back into their original form as an egg carton or carry-out container.

V or PVC (Vinyl or polyvinyl chloride)
Vinyl is used in cleaning product bottles, shower curtains, cooking oil bottles, clear food packaging and some medical equipment to name a few. These items are rarely recycled.

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