Toxic Food Choices

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January is the magic month when everyone declares that this year will be different. Whether you wanted to lose some weight, eat better, take care of yourself or join a gym, all of these are resolutions you might hear regularly. If you made a New Year's resolution to eat better, here are some ideas on foods to avoid when trying to be your healthiest self.

Artificial sweeteners: Instead of using artificial sweeteners, using natural sweeteners can be a better, healthier choice. Trade in that Sweet N Low for some honey or agave nectar. If you have a sweet tooth, think about eating some strawberries or raspberries instead of a cookie.

Preservatives: When you think about preservation, you might think of canning, freezing, drying or pickling. Those are great ways to preserve. But chemical preservatives are another story. Try to avoid foods like Twinkies, which have an incredibly long shelf-life due to chemical preservatives.

Artificial flavors and colors: Real flavors and real colors taste better than artificial ones. That means red fruits and green vegetables and sweet fruit are going to be better and better for you than a substitute. Stick to real fats and oils rather than stocking up on low-fat or sugar-free foods, which aren't natural.

Need some extra ideas? Here are some very good items to add to your grocery list:  




Green beans


Lean meats

Whole grains



For more information on toxic foods, keep reading.

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