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Some people will try to lose weight as a New Year's resolution, but we think there are some other important ideas that get forgotten. How about getting organized? Clutter and a messy house can make us stressed. Instead of being overwhelmed by a mess in your house, you have to approach it a little at a time.

Here are some tips on getting organized without getting overwhelmed.

For each room (and only do one at a time), come up with a few piles. One for recycling/trash, one for donations or selling at a consignment shop, one for stuff that belongs to other people (kids, friends, etc.) and one to keep.

Next step, get rid of the recycle/trash pile.

Next, take items for donation or sell to the appropriate place. Whether it's a consignment shop, eBay or Goodwill, get those items out of your house! Set a deadline for youself so you don't let the piles collect dust.

Organize the keep pile. This can be a matter of organizing with bins or boxes. You may also want to consider shelving to accomodate the items.  

Name boxes or bins like holiday/seasonal decorations, toys, winter clothing, summer clothing, mementos, etc. Be sure to label on the outside, so you can see what is without having to dig.

Next, find a place for these keep items. Keep any mementos in a safe place. Anything that won't be harmed by elements can be stored in the attic or basement. Tools and other toys can be kept in the garage.

Need more ideas on staying organized? Keep reading!

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