Facts About Women Farmers

In honor of National Ag Day (and week), we have some fabulous facts about women in agriculture. We love our strong, amazing women in ag! But there are a few things you may not know about those gals. Here are some fun facts about the women who drive the tractors too!

Did you know:

In 1978, only 5 percent of US farms had female principal operators. By 2007, 14 percent of all US farms had female principal operators.

Nearly half of all farms operated by women specialize in grazing livestock, including about 45% in beef cattle, 17% horses and equines and 6% sheep or goats.

The average size of a female-operated farm is 210 acres.

The average age of a female primary operator is 58.8.

69 percent of all farm operators own the land that they farm, but 85% of female operators own the land that they farm!

The farms operated by women with the highest sales specialize in poultry, grains, specialty crops or dairy.

22.8 percent of male farm operators are college educated, while 31 percent of female farm operators are college educated.

For farms with female principal and secondary operators, the total number of women farm operators is 1 million!


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