Household Uses For Honey

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Honey is sweet and delicious, but did you know it has uses beyond sweetening? It is moisturizing, exfoliating, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. Here are six unexpected ways to use honey around the house:

Clean: For a moisturizing face wash, cleanse your face with honey. Wet your face, scoop out a little bit of honey and smooth it over your face. It will spread easily. Massage into the skin, then rinse with cold water.

Heal: Honey is a natural antibiotic, honey can help heal wounds. Clean your wound and add a dab of honey before applying a bandage.

Calm: Honey may help coat and comfort an upset stomach. If you are feeling uneasy, add honey to tea to settle your tummy.

Moisturize: If your hair needs some moisture, just smooth honey over the ends and let it soak for ten minutes. Just wash normally.

Stop coughing: Honey may be more effective than the commonly used cough suppressant. For adults with a cough, a spoonful of honey may help quell coughing. It can also help soothe a sore throat.

Dress up dinner: Get fancy by drizzling honey over goat cheese or blue cheese for a delicious appetizer!


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