Cloud Solutions for Your Farm Business

Rebecca Crownover is back today sharing her thoughts on cloud solutions for your farm business. She has some great tips on incorporating technology into your farm!

As we know, technology is capturing every industry in the world and the Agriculture industry is definitely making its own headway. There are so many technology advances being made that will make us more efficient in our farming operations and embracing those changes will be important. Drones, driverless equipment, biotechnology, just to name a few. As women, we want to know about those exciting things and we should definitely educate ourselves about them. But, some of us are not running the operation side of our farming businesses and may be looking for ideas on how you can contribute to your business in other ways through technology. 

One of the goals I have had for our farming business is to be able to do as much as we can in the cloud and to find technology solutions that are reasonable in cost to do so. There are so many options when you begin to research and it can be so overwhelming to determine what is best. Therefore, I thought I would share a few of the solutions we have implemented at our farm in hopes that you can find one of these to be useful for you.
Electronic Clocking In/Out via Internet or phone for employees. Easy reporting for employee payroll.
Online storage for your Human Resources files. The site also has additional resources for HR documents such as employee handbooks, job description templates, etc. that you might need for your business.
Electronic filing of all of your paper documents and being able to scan directly to the online software.  Go Paperless from all of those papers you store each year.
Electronic storage of documents and files with administrative controls. Share certain documents with employees, agronomists, etc. and control who sees what. Specifically designed add-ons and apps for Box make it easy for you to save your Microsoft documents directly to Box from Office. 

Gmail for business
Setup your own business domain name through Gmail, share Calendars with each other, and share documents between each other through Google Drive.
A tool used to access a computer remotely and use it as if you were right in front of it.

Remember this, ladies…the more cloud-based your business is, the more you can be anywhere in the world and be able to access your data in a time of need.  What I'm saying is, whether you are at the mall doing some shopping, at a basketball game for your child, at dinner with your girlfriends, or on vacation in the Caribbean, you can always access your data at any time and still be able to contribute to your farming business regardless of your location.

Rebecca Crownover

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