Amazing Woman in Ag: Kelly

Today we have an amazing woman in the ag industry, Kelly! Kelly is from a little town in northern Indiana that "doesn't even have a zip code". She co-owns a farm called Snipes Farms with her husband, Dan, her father-in-law and her husband's grandmother. Her interest in farming was cultivated early when she was a young girl, growing up on her father's horse farm. "I loved sitting out and watching all the farmers run their equipment in the neighboring fields. My dad sold Ag equipment at a dealership and that always fueled my love for tractors. When I went to college, I realized I missed being around all of it. I definitely took the country farm life for granted. I knew I wouldn't be happier with anyone but a farmer. Once I met my husband, my passion grew in a way I never thought it could. His dreams soon became my dreams too."


Kelly now helps run her family farm where she enjoys being a woman in agriculture. "Whether they want to admit it or not, I think men need us in the industry. Most often it's stereotyped to see a man as a farmer and I enjoy proving that stereotype wrong. What I love is that I WANT to be a part of the industry and I can be. Women are no longer limited to the house and garden. I love the diversity agriculture as brought to my life as a woman. I can still get dressed up and enjoy fancy things but I also love to get in touch with my tom boy side and play in the dirt. Agriculture provides me with the best of both worlds on a daily basis." Kelly believes that women should be trusted as more credible sources and she is helping to break the stereotypes as a woman in agriculture. 


When she is not farming, Kelly designs blogs and writes from her home. Through social media, she advocates for agriculture and runs her own blog Old Blue Silo. She enjoys writing about her farm life on her blog and enjoys agricultural-based hobbies such as photographing old barns and going to tractor pulls. As a woman of agriculture, Kelly likes to be involved and educate people about the importance of life on the farm.


Some of Kelly's favorite things about farming are that she's carrying on a legacy. Even though she never knew her husband's grandpa, she feels like she connects with him by helping on the farm. She enjoys setting and accomplishing her goals with her husband. She feels the need to farm and gets great satisfaction from farming.  "We DON'T have to farm. It's not our main income. It's our God given responsibility. The reason both of us were put on this Earth. It may not make sense to anyone else, but it makes perfect sense to us." Kelly continues to learn new things about farming. Even though she sometimes struggles, she continues to work hard. "I feel like sometimes I am holding up production when someone has to teach me something. I struggle with the fact that I don't know how to drive the semi or run the corn planter. I want to learn it all in case something was to happen and I am needed."


Kelly would love to see more women get involved with farming. She is a role model for women who wish to go into agriculture because she breaks stereotypes and continues to advocate for agriculture. "Whether it's advocating, learning about farming processes, helping with purchase decisions, or actually jumping in a tractor, I think it's important for us to show our younger generations that it doesn't matter if you are man or woman. You can do whatever you want to do in life! Don't be afraid to steal the driver's seat."

We are thrilled to have Kelly on the website today. To learn more about Kelly check out her website or her facebook page!

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BremdaSrtin - Sunday, February 22, 2015 at 3:20:14 PM
Thank you Kelly for sharing your story. I lived on a farm for 18 years with my parents and siblings and I can tell you it is by far the best upbringing I've ever had and could't ask for a better life. I always say"give me a pitch fork and a tractor and I'm happy". I
Haven't been on a farm now for a long time but I have put in a request to my big Father God in Heaven to have a home in the country. god bless!Brenda
Amy Wall - Tuesday, June 14, 2016 at 5:01:49 PM
I too feel like that women are needed in the ag world. It is so hard to farm every year and keeps getting harder, but we love it and I help as much as I can. We grow soybeans and corn. But we also build fences, mow lots and set aside and I work full time in a office. Keeps us busy all the time. I would not be anywhere else though, and I want my grandchildren to know what it is like to be on a farm.

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