The Female Farmer Project

At Pink Tractor, we can't help but get excited about any women who are helping to change the face of farming. Women are inspirational because they are shattering stereotypes on farms across the country. Today we are sharing a wonderful project that is highlighting female farmers! Audra Mulkern writes and photographs The Female Farmer Project which chronicles stories all about women working in agriculture.

The Female Farmer Project is about documenting the rise of women in farming and how they are transforming our food systems. Women are the minority in the agriculture world, yet are the largest producer of food. The UN is observing 2014 as the International Year of Family Farming. This has helped to give recognition to the lack of land rights and equal access to education and materials for women. The Female Farmer Project is sharing the images and stories of these women and the work they do to challenge pre-conceived concepts and thinking.


Siri of Local Roots Farm- former public administrator, mother to a toddler and newborn -- farms 80 acres, direct markets to three farmers markets, 220 member CSA, 30 restaurants, an honor stand and serves as a commissioner for King County.


Lynn of Glendale Shepherd- a fourth generation dairy farmer and artist ultimately marrying the two by creating fine wool yarns and award-winning cheeses.

Dog Mountain

Cindy of Dog Mountain Farm- a former software executive approaches sustainability and income diversity with a year-round whole diet CSA and Farm to Table café that includes her farm grown vegetables, fruit, grass fed meats, poultry and eggs, and her on-farm made cheeses, and baked goods. 


Michaele of Growing Things Farm - has mentored and taught many women farmers who have gone on to run their own farms. Her methods of organic and bio-diverse farming has made her an in-demand speaker and teacher.


Paige and Chris of Growing Things Farm- part of the next generation, these two interns are studying under Michaele on her self-sustaining polyculture farm.

These are the faces of women in agriculture - but they are not alone. Every woman out there is doing her part in changing how we feed the world!

For more on Audra Mulkern and the "Female Farmer Project" visit


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