Amazing Woman in Ag: Krista

If you don't already know Krista (aka the Farmer's Wifee), you are about to know...and love her. Krista is from Eastern Washington where she grew up in a logging community. Krista got into farming when she married her husband. While Krista didn't grow up on a farm, she and her husband are no stranger to agriculture; both of them have had family that was involved in the dairy business. Krista's great grandmother had a dairy farm and her husband grew up on a dairy farm. They now run a dairy operation called Stauffer Dairy, with somewhere between 130-150 cows. The breeds they have are jerseys, Holsteins, and crosses.

Krista's favorite thing about running a dairy operation is that she gets to spend all here time with her family. In her job, she gets to work with her husband and children every day! When she is not farming, Krista enjoys her time as a mom. "There is hardly anything that doesn't involve my kids. They are in sports, swim lessons, involved with our local fair, etc. So when it is not the farm, I am in mommy mode and I love it. As far as just me-time, if I get it, I love to take photos and just got a new camera for mother's day. I love to shop as well even if it is just looking." Krista also blogs at and is a passionate advocate for farmers and for women in agriculture!


Joining the dairy industry has not been an easy transition. The biggest challenge for Krista is not having a heavy farm background. "I did not know quite what went into farming having to realize real quick that once I made that commitment, the farm is number one especially with livestock. It can be draining at times yet the simplest things can make it all worth it. Having to have our family plan events around us milking or putting up feed is a little tough." Being a woman in agriculture is a full time job for this devoted mom. "I love to be a wife, mother and business partner with my husband. I love to work side by side with him. When my kids tell other kids that "my mom drives tractors" and the other kids' eyes light up."


Krista believes that women in agriculture need to encourage each other and try to be as involved on the farm as possible. "I think being a woman in agriculture is very important and if I could encourage other farm women to do one thing it would be to get out there and learn everything if you haven't already. Drive that tractor, be involved in business decisions, share your thoughts if you think there should be changes, etc. My husband has told me numerous times that some of the most positive changes we have made on our farm is because of me." Krista is a strong voice for women in ag and shows us what taking on those hot button topics can do for the industry!


We are thrilled to have Krista on our site today! For more about our favorite Farmer's Wifee, check her out on Facebook or on her website!

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Sandra Bledsoe - Friday, May 27, 2016 at 1:31:01 PM
What an inspiration for our girls & women. Thank you for your hard work .

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