Amazing Woman in Ag: Sarah

Today PinkTractor is proud to share a little about Sarah, a farmwife from Wheatland County, which is just east of Calgary, Alberta. She married into the farm life and now helps her husband manage his family farm. Their farm has been in her husband's family for five generations. She and her husband work on the farm with her husband's family, raising wheat, canola and peas.

While she married into farming, Sarah is no stranger to agriculture. Her maternal grandparents had a dairy farm. "I married into my interest in farming, but one could say that it's in my blood too. I often say that agriculture and farming is a passion that I never knew I had until I could see how passionate my husband was about our livelihood in agriculture. Some of the most interesting and kind people I've met in my life have been through our ag connections."


One of Sarah's favorite things to do is cook. She cooks during harvest season to supply people working the fields with meals. "During harvest time I take turns cooking with my mother- and sister-in-law and cook for up to 8 adults and 6 kids a few times a week. This is where I've really honed my cooking and baking skills in my dream kitchen and I absolutely love it! I love cooking and baking and trying new things and blogging about my recipes." Sarah also enjoys gardening when not helping cook or working.


In the middle of a cattle round-up.


Sarah works as a registered nurse in their local rural hospital. She has to divide her time between her family, farming, and nursing. One of her biggest challenges is taking care of her sons when her husband is busy on the farm. "I love this farming life and I wouldn't trade it for the world, but weeks on end of doing everything for the kids, taking care of our home and yard and running the kids around can get very hard for me stress-wise. It's a life I happily married into and I'm getting better every season on how to cope and make the best of the busy times when I really only see my farmer briefly in the morning for breakfast, out in the field for a visit, or most times at supper."


As a woman in ag, Sarah believes women in the ag industry need to stick together. "Some of my best online friends I have met in the ag industry and community. I have been able to lean on these women, ask for their advice and support in my agvocating online and I've learned so much about this great industry". By networking, Sarah and other women have been able to advocate for women in ag. "In my real life I'm "just" a farmer's wife, but online I own and author my blog "Nurse Loves Farmer" and dare I say that most agvocates who blog are women. We really need to stick together to lift each other up when the times get rough and they always do."


We love knowing about farmers and farm wives alike and Sarah is no exception. We are thrilled to share a little of her story today! For more about Sarah and her adventures on the farm, check out her blog or follow her on Facebook: Nurse Loves Farmer!

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Sarah [] - Wednesday, August 13, 2014 at 3:37:11 PM
Thanks so much for the feature, this was fun!

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