Rebecca Talks Time Management

We have had many farm women (especially moms and wives) ask us for some tips on time management. Today farmer and mom, Rebecca Crownover, shares her tips on getting it all done.

How is it possible to get everything done that we want to accomplish and still have some "me" time?  When I think about my own time management and how I'm going to achieve what our farm business, my book business, my daughter, or my friends and family need of me, these are three of the top things that I have learned to help me manage my time most efficiently.

Prioritize. Each evening or the morning of, I prioritize the most important tasks that must and should get done for the day.  Prioritizing seems so obvious, but what we don't always realize is that we tend to make certain details a priority that may not be as important as others.  In a very busy schedule, focus on what is truly most important and write it down so that it is clear what you intend to accomplish.  Then mark the task off your list when you have completed it.  I've said to myself many of times, we always have time for the things we make a priority.  Furthermore, when you have your priorities in check and applying discipline to getting them marked off your list, your time is being used more efficiently.

Use discipline. Manage your time spent on social media by setting certain times of the day to check your account and also setting a timer for how long you spend on it each time.  For example, it is so easy to check the news feed on Facebook and to find yourself checking up on Bob, John, Lucy, who then led you to Sally to find out that she just had lunch across town with Jill.  Next thing you know, you have spent 30 minutes stalking your friends when you could have had one of your priorities you set halfway done.  Set a timer for 5 to 10 minutes and when it goes off, discipline yourself to close the program and get back to that priority list of what you wanted to accomplish for the day.

Learn to say no. Set personal boundaries and learn to say no. One reason we are so busy all of the time is that we have not set those personal boundaries of what we actually have the capacity to do versus what we are trying to do for everyone else.  It is difficult to determine when to say yes or no and many of times we say yes just to avoid confrontation.  Your priority list can become overwhelming if you are saying yes to everything.  Determine what your limits are and before you give that answer, check to see how it fits within your priorities. 

At the end of the day, if there are things that did not get done on your to-do list, even after being as efficient as you possibly could, it is not the end of the world.We could all stay up until 2 o'clock in the morning each day accomplishing every single detail in our lives if we wanted to.But, your sleep and well-being is also very important and your mind needs a rest.Build in some "me" time into your evenings.A happy you is a more healthy and efficient you. 

Rebecca Crownover

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