Jolene's Best Tips for Women in Ag

Jolene Brown has shared some amazing tips, advice and information with us over the past few months. Start off on the right foot with some quick reminders that will give you confidence and strength in the coming months to help you be your best this year!

Ignorance is NOT bliss: When it comes to your farm business, ignorance IS NOT bliss. Why you need to pay attention and know the details and insist on not being left out!

Look in the mirror: Jolene shares why sometimes instead of trying to change everything or everyone around you, it's better to take a look in the mirror first. This is great advice for a farm family business, but it applies to all aspects of life. 

Letting go of hurt and anger: Some advice on letting go of hurt and anger. Good advice for the farm, but helpful with all relationships. 

Finding a role model: Is there something you want to have, do, be, feel or become? Today, Jolene Brown discusses role models.

Being a good coach and leader: Jolene Brown discusses how to best be a leader and coach for your family business.

Cheers to a successful and confident 2016!

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