Spotlight on Udder Tech

Udder Tech is an amazing company that is dedicated to outfitting those in the dairy industry. They have been around for 20 years, proudly serving the agriculture community. The owners, Cheryl and Bruce, created their products because they were dairy farmers themselves and realized something was missing!


Cheryl shares her thoughts, "as we reflect on the past 20 years, a lot has changed. Our children grew into adults, our small shop evolved into a business and simple sales blossomed into long-term relationships. It all began in 1994 when we were milking 50 Holsteins. While milking, we started to notice how much time it took to walk back and forth to get more towels - the time really added up. As a result we created our first product: the Towel Tote. Hoping to share the convenience of the Towel Tote with other dairy producers, we traveled to World Dairy Expo that year. Dairy producers from around the world saw the product and we soon began taking orders from our kitchen table. Since that first World Dairy Expo, the Udder Tech family has grown to include several more family members and numerous new products. The continued growth of Udder Tech has helped us to expand to a separate building on the farm with several employees who keep our products stocked and provide great customer service. Through it all, our goal has remained constant: to offer reasonably-priced, high-quality items that help our customers remain clean and efficient."


Their family owned and operated dairy, Mohn Dairy, in rural Lakeville, MN, was in business for more than 30 years. Their direct involvement in the agriculture and dairy industries has allowed them to truly develop products that fit the specific needs of dairy producers. Cheryl continues to listen to the needs of dairy producers ideas and develops products to fit their lifestyle. Though the name implies it, dairy producers aren't the only ones using Udder Tech gear. Hoof trimmers, veterinarians and A.I. technicians find Udder Tech products to be necessary items in their daily apparel. More recently, Udder Tech has branched out beyond the dairy industry and entered into the swine and poultry with much success.

We love Udder Tech for many reasons, but we have to say, we are partial to their line of pink dairy gear!

Want to learn more about Udder Tech? Check them out online or on Facebook!

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