Farm Employee Rules and Tips

Running a farm is tough work. Running a business is tough work. Combine the two and you have a lot on your plate. When you are running a farm business, you may need more employees than just you! When it comes to farm employees, whether they are family or not, it's important to have some rules. Here are the best rules and tips for farm employees from farmers who know!

On the farm, there's no such thing as a job description. You may have to do something new or different or difficult, depending on the day. Every job is fair game for everyone.

No phones while at work. Two way radios are supplied for communication.

Be on time. No call, no show means no longer employed.

Never be afraid to ask a question. There are no stupid questions.

Treat your employees like family. Include them in with holidays, honor their traditions, learn their culture/language and celebrate birthdays. Without your farm staff, you have nothing. Make sure they feel appreciated. 

If you are hiring for your farm, bringing on a family member may seem like the obvious choice. But it can be more complicated than you think to hire (and sometimes fire) family members. (Watch Jolene's video for more on hiring a family member and the six questions to answer before you hire).

Always be willing to do the dirty work yourself. Always be willing to pitch in.

Be aware of your surroundings.

Have a zero tolerance rule for drug or alcohol use. For one, this is vital for employee safety. And when you have a rule like that, you know your farm has nothing to hide. No smoking because it can be dangerous around dry wood, hay, etc.

First and foremost, respect the property, the equipment, the animals and each other. Treat everyone as equals when it comes to respect.

Don't hire a family member who has not worked for a non-family boss. (More on this here).

If you find the gate closed, close it behind you. If it is open, leave it open.

And our favorite: Have fun. Farming is the best!

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