Amazing Woman in Ag: Mason

This Summer, there's a new face around here at Pink Tractor. We are excited to have Mason here and wanted to give you an introduction!

Mason is a junior, Agriculture Education major at Murray State University. She is involved in Collegiate FFA, Agriculture Leadership Council, Alpha Zeta Honors Agriculture Fraternity and is an active sister of Sigma Alpha Professional Agriculture Sorority.

Farming has always been a part of Mason's life. She explains, "my farming background comes from generations living on a couple hundred acre homestead farm in a small town in rural Iowa. The farm is still owned by my family but the land is now leased out to other farmers in the area. I have always had a passion for the outdoors and livestock but joining my high school's FFA chapter as a sophomore really kicked my passion into high gear."


Mason started in agriculture as a young girl. "My interest in agriculture stemmed from being outside with my dad. When I was little we lived on a small 5 acre piece of land where we had a few cows and a couple horses, my favorite things to do were play in the barn and ride around in the truck while dad checked on the animals." From there, Mason spent her high school years in the FFA which helped her find her passion for ag. She said, "I got involved and stepped up to officer positions almost as soon as I joined. I lived and breathed FFA. Any free time I had in high school was spent down in the ag room or the shop, I couldn't get enough of it."

It makes sense that Mason would choose agriculture as she continues her education. "I knew I would never find a passion for anything as I had for agriculture so it made sense to me to pursue a career in that field. I really want to spread my passion and love for agriculture! Agriculture as an industry is always growing and changing so there is always something new to learn."


Being a woman in agriculture has been a great experience for Mason as she studies at Murray State. She said, "at Murray State University the amount of females involved in agriculture is amazing! As an active member of the professional agriculture sorority on campus, Sigma Alpha, I constantly find myself surrounded by women with a passion and dedication to agriculture." Mason has also had the opportunity to study abroad in Belize, Ireland and Australia with many female students. She said, "I have also noticed throughout the clubs and organizations in the agriculture department, most of the students who hold officer positions are female." It's always encouraging to see more women getting involved...and early!


Being a woman in ag can have it's challenges, but there is an upside, too! "My favorite thing about being a woman in agriculture is the surprise I see in some people's facial expressions when they hear that I am majoring in agriculture. Agriculture is stereotypically seen as a man's field and that you must want to be a farmer so it's definitely a conversation starter once they hear my response because they want to know more about what I plan on doing with a degree in agriculture and what I am involved in."

Looking toward the future, Mason hopes to be an Agriculture Teacher and FFA Advisor. "I want to promote my passion for agriculture to the upcoming generations and help them find their passion the way that I did. I love to "AGvocate" and I feel that teaching agriculture gives me a great opportunity to do that."


We will leave you with some wise words from this young lady. "My hope for the future of women in agriculture is that they push through any obstacle and don't stop until they have achieved everything they want to accomplish. I hope that they will step up to be leaders and let their passion drive them. I want to see agriculture be recognized for the importance that it carries for the world and for everyone to understand how agriculture effects them in their everyday lives."

Welcome Mason!

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