Dating on the Farm

Whether you are planting, harvesting or taking care of livestock, the farm always comes first. When you are in a relationship or married as a farmer, it can be tough to find time to see your significant other or spouse. Sometimes, your relationship is neglected when you are giving all of your time to your farm. We surveyed over 100 farmers and they shared their best tips for dating as a farmer! We collected our favorite responses.

Be flexible. Things will come up - for both of you. Sometimes your time together will take a back seat to the farm.

Have dinner in the truck. It may not be the most romantic place to share a meal, but if you want to make time for each other, sometimes that means a peanut butter and jelly sandwich picnic in the truck.

If you actually go in to town for a date, don't be discouraged if your date includes a run to the parts counter or the hardware store. Think of it as bonding time.

Find ways to be creative. Write each other notes. Send text messages throughout the day. Being busy doesn't mean you have to neglect each other.

Sometimes your date might include milking cows or hanging out together in the tractor. If you tag team the work, it may give you more time together.

Be willing to pitch in even if it's with something you don't usually do. You will get more time together and you may even learn something!

The smell of dirt and diesel will eventually become attractive!

No free time? Have a date night in the field. There's room for two - so take a ride in the combine or tractor together.

If Mother Nature gives you a little rain and it postpones work in the field, take advantage of that time. 

If you are a farmer and your significant other is not a farmer, they have to be ready for anything. Being open is important because when you are a farmer, there's no such thing as a schedule... or being on time.

Be ready to miss events like weddings, parties, cookouts and other get togethers. The farm comes first.

Throw something in the Crock Pot before you head out for your day. Sometimes a hot meal at the table together, no matter how late it is, is a great way to spend some time together.

Embrace a late night date. Dinner at 6 is not going to happen, so have a snack and meet up after you are both done with the chores.

Learn to appreciate the passion for the farm as a common interest.

Be ready for anything! Life as a farmer is never boring and always an adventure. It may mean getting creative when you reconnect with your spouse after a long day on the farm, but it can be fun.

Sometimes your quality time together will actually be talking about the farm or listening to each other work through stress or problems. It may not be romantic but it's realistic.

Know that weeklong vacations or romantic getaways are unlikely. Celebrating holidays or anniversaries may not happen on time. Realistic expectations make everything a little easier to handle.

Embrace the idea that sometimes catching a sunset in the back of a pickup is pretty darn romantic.

Wake up early or stay up late to see each other.

You can't always plan ahead so a cute outfit may not be an option. Having a date in jeans and boots isn't the worst thing in the world!

What did we miss? Share your ideas in the comments!

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