Joining a Professional Sorority

By Mason Larimore

I have been fortunate enough in my 20 years of life to never have a period of time where I was an only child. When I showed up, I already had a sister who was 5 years and 364 days (my birthday is 1 day before hers) older than me! When she left for college, I still didn't experience being an only child because I have a brother that is 3 years younger than me.

I consider myself lucky because on top of having a biological brother and sister, I have 60+ sisters not related to me by DNA - and that is just at my home in Murray, KY! Nationwide, I have thousands more living in 37 different states! That sudden growth in siblings happened when I joined a sorority. You could go from having no sisters to having more sisters than you could ever dream of - overnight! What makes it even better is that all of my sisters share the same passion as me: agriculture! I am constantly surrounded by women who are striving to become professional women in our field.

Making the decision to join a sorority is a difficult one. My decision was a little easier when I heard Sigma Alpha's mission: Cultivating Professional Women in Agriculture. I want to be a professional woman in the agriculture industry so it seemed like I should give being a "sorority girl" a shot. I can honestly say I have never once regretted this decision. I have found a group of ladies who share the same passion I have for the industry that I love. My "sisters" are all equally unique and we learn from each other. Some of my biggest role models have been my sisters and I know that my Greek family is always there for me no matter what.

Joining Sigma Alpha Professional Agriculture Sorority has been a blessing. I have made lots of contacts through Sigma Alpha and grown professionally. Many of my sisters serve as leaders throughout the Hutson School of Agriculture and Murray State University in general. I have found a home through this sorority just as some might find a home in a PanHellenic (social) sorority.

When going to college, it can be difficult to find a group of people that have similar interests as you. Rushing Sigma Alpha helped me find my place and make the transition a little easier for me. Sororities are not all that stereotypes make them out to be. Sororities are more than letters on a shirt, mixers with fraternities, theme parties, and getting a "Big." Sororities give you a chance to serve others without expecting anything in return, to bond with girls you may have never met, and even to help open doors for you that may have never been an option before.

My experience in a sorority shows the importance of finding a community where you belong, especially in the world of agriculture. Whether you decide to "go Greek" or not, actively find a group of people who will help make you the person you want to be and make you feel at home at college. The worst thing you could do when going away to school is sit in your dorm room and not put yourself out there. Get out, maybe join a club or a sorority, but find people with similar interests as you!

To learn more about Sigma Alpha Professional Agriculture Sorority checkout their website:

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