Sometimes Farming Isn't Pretty

As much as we love to boast about the joys of farm and rural living, we sometimes tend to push the more unfortunate parts to the back of our minds. It's a fact of life that things will make our lives a little more uncomfortable or won't go exactly how we planned on the farm, much to our dismay. Sometimes farming just isn't pretty. We asked our readers what their least favorite part about being a farmer is and here were some of their responses:

"The snot - when feathers, dust, pollen, hay, cut grass, etc., get stuck in your nose, mouth and eyes." - Chela

"The flies...I can deal with almost anything.. but those darn flies drive me crazy!!!!" - Laura

"Abscesses, scours, infected castration sites, pinkeye from foxtails..." - Mikaela

"Hay in my bra!" - Jennifer

"The 'pig mud' is not my fave! I swear the kids roll in it as much as the pigs!" - S.S.

"Watering in the winter." - Ronnie

"Falling in the mud!! Lord only knows what was there before me." - Amanda

"Getting dirt, beans or corn kernels where they don't belong!" - Amanda

"Definitely slaughter day. I can deal with the poop and the mud and chasing after escapees but slaughter day still hurts my heart even though I knew all along what the end would be." - Devy

"The passing of a beloved farm animal. All the other stuff is worth how they make our lives better." - Christina

"Getting banged up and bruised all the time" - Tamara

"The "compost" pile. Yuck." - Emily

"The lack of appreciation for what we do." - Helen

"Raking/ bailing red clover... itchy, itchy, itchy." - Angie

"Sorting cattle with a very impatient husband!!" - Lisa

"The loneliness." - Laura

"Snakes! Give me poop over snakes.....Ewwwww." - Heather

"The slaughter. My animals are pets with a purpose." - Tabitha

"When sweat gets in my eyes and it's salty and it burns....Ouch" - Mary

"Rank silage juice!! If you drive thru it and it gets on your tires the smell lasts forever!!" - Sue B.

"De-horning." - Christie

"It's the HEAT!" - Benita

"The heartache after knowing you did everything in your power to save an animal (could go for crops too) and it still wasn't enough." - Heidi

"Losing a sick animal after working so hard to save it. It still gets to me." - Kim

From losing animals that we love to smelling like pigs all the time, there are lots of parts of farming that just aren't pretty. Thankfully, the ugly parts of farming don't outweigh the love and passion we carry for agriculture and the industry as a whole.

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