Life Inventory

This day and age is filled with so many things. Some folks will say that there isn't much good in the world and there is so much negativity around. That is true if that is all you focus on, but did you know you have the power to shape your world?

I have discovered in this life that what you focus on becomes your reality. When I turned forty a few years back I had a life-changing reality check that struck me like a bolt of lightning. Change your thoughts, change your life…essentially what you think about comes about.


Talk about a quick change in direction for myself as I took inventory of my own thoughts. It really was that simple. I just woke up one day and decided that I didn't want to be that way anymore so I changed…it truly is as simple as that.

Have you taken inventory of your own life lately?

If not, I suggest you do it and soon. Why? Well, because you only get one life to live. Wouldn't that life be best served loving your life? How about being a light others are drawn to versus a darkness that folks shy away from? Perhaps you have never thought of this in that way before. That's how I was before I took my own inventory. The awesome thing about life is that every new day is a new opportunity to shape your journey. How great is that?! I'm telling you….it's all about perspective!

Since I am a cattle rancher I am blessed with being "away from it all." I know very well about the hustle and bustle of city life. I grew up in a rural setting, but I spent almost 10 years of my life in cities. I enjoyed it while I was there, but in my opinion nothing compares to the blessings we have out on the ranch. The middle of nowhere just happens to be the center of my everything. Being a woman in agriculture has so many positives.

I don't chose to focus on what others may think I'm missing out on. I no longer yearn for shopping malls, spas, movie theaters, or fancy dinners out. It's funny how the older I have gotten the simpler I like things.

I've learned to do more with less. I shop locally or online if I have to for hard to find items. My spa is now my garden tub (I do treat myself to good smelling bath goodies). My movie theater is an occasional Netflix or Amazon Prime treat with my family. Fancy dinners out have equated to learning how to create yummy things at home, which are usually lower in fat and tastier in my opinion.

I always smile thinking about a traffic jam meme I saw a while back that showed the back end of some cows.

Yep, that's my life…..and I love it!

How about you? What is your life like? What brings you peace and happiness?

This is an excerpt from Cheyenne's Life Inventoryarticle on page 38 of the fall 2017 Pink Tractor magazine. To continue reading, check out the  digital edition. 

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You may remember Cheyenne Glade Wilson, The Native Cowgirl, from the cover of the spring 2017 magazine, which profiled her (page 10) and included her article Tough Women (page 42). Don't miss another issue! Subscribe today.

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