Farming Tips: Be Prepared for Severe Weather this Spring

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), March is National Severe Weather Preparedness Month in Kentucky. No matter where you are, it never hurts to be prepared if bad weather heads your way. Here are seven spring safety tips from Pink Tractor: 

1. Plan ahead

Visit to make a plan and learn how to build an emergency supply kit.  This kit should include items such as batteries, a first aid kit, and flashlights, a NOAA weather radio, a three day supply of water, and prescription medicines.

2. Stay informed

During a power outage situation, check with your local electric company's website for any restoration and system updates.  Also have a NOAA weather radio on hand or download the NOAA app to be informed of any upcoming weather alerts.

3. Have an emergency family plan in place

It's important to have an emergency family plan in place so that family members know where to go and/or reunite in case anyone gets separated.  Practice that plan once a year to make sure it's fresh in your minds if an emergency were to occur.

4. Prepare for a power outage

Unplug appliances to protect from electrical surges, turn off any propane tanks, and fill your car and fuel cans (for your generator) with gas.

5. Know the safest location in your home

Plan to stay where it's safest in your home.  If you have a basement, this will be the safest location.  If not, a bathroom or room in the center of the house, away from any windows is usually the safest option.

6. Be insured

Make an inventory of your possessions using paper lists, photographs, and/or videotapes of your belongings.  Give a copy to your insurance company.  Update your inventory and review your coverage with your insurance company periodically.

7. Know the difference between a watch and a warning

A severe thunderstorm watch means thunderstorms are possible in or near your area.  Stay alert for the latest weather information and be prepared to take shelter.  A severe thunderstorm warning means severe thunderstorms are approaching or are occurring.  Severe thunderstorms produce damaging winds in excess of 60 mph and/or hail measuring one inch in diameter or larger.  Seek safe shelter.

Finally, after the storm be sure to check on older neighbors and other family members to make sure they're safe and to let them know you're safe. Check out these other Pink Tractor posts for a variety of seasonal weather and safety tips throughout the year including:

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