Pink Tractor Magazine: Holy Cow

In the May/June 2018 issue of Pink Tractor Magazine our feature article explored the similarities and differences of raising beef on a farm in Ohio versus a ranch in Nebraska. We introduced you to two women who work in very different aspects of the beef industry. Their operations vary in location, size and breed raised, but ultimately the process for getting where they are today follows a similar path of passion, determination and resolve.

Bev Kremer

Kremer Family Farms, in Maria Stein, Ohio, is a roughly 300-acre Ohio Century Farm that was established in 1837. Bev and her husband Travis are the sixth generation to take over his family's home operation while also working full-time off of the farm. What began as a dairy farm, the Kremer Family Farm is now a beef operation that also farms grain -- corn, soybeans, wheat and hay.

Some of the corn is made into silage, some is picked (whole cobs make for great feed when ground) and the remainder is harvested as kernel corn and stored in bins located on the farm. "Since we mix our own feed," explains Bev. "We utilize the corn for animals. Once all of the grain is harvested, we bale the wheat straw and corn fodder to use as bedding on the operation. Hay is also baled to feed to the cattle."

Naomi Loomis

Inspired by stories from her grandfather's youth, Naomi is passionate about keeping alive the history and traditions of the western lifestyle alive. "If I don't do it," she says. "Who will? I want my kids to enjoy it like I did." A little over a decade ago she began producing ranch rodeos with the Western States Ranch Rodeo Association.

Unlike a traditional Rodeo, Ranch Rodeo focuses on team events and around common jobs on the ranch like calf branding, steer doctoring, team penning, wild horse racing and wild cow milking. Traditional Rodeo events tend to be less team oriented, where professional cowboys compete individually in bareback riding, barrel racing, bull riding and calf-roping among other things.

To read the complete article, "Holy Cow" flip to page 16 of the Pink Tractor Magazine's digital issue. After you've finished reading about Bev and Naomi, come back to browse numerous beef recipes.

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