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Jolene Brown: the Importance of Advocacy

Today on, Michele Payn-Knoper talks to Jolene Brown about the importance of advocacy! You may recognize Jolene from her tips and advice on farm family business but today we dig a little deeper on Jolene's opinions on why you should shar...

Jolene Brown: Maintaining Your Family Business

Jolene Brown joins us today to discuss maintaining your family business. (it's as important as maintaining your equipment!) Watch the video below to find out why it's vital to take good care of your business to avoid breakdowns, just like you do with y...

Jolene Brown: Relationships

Jolene Brown joins us to discuss relationships within your family business and outside in the community! Jolene Brown, CSP Jolene Brown is a farmer, professional speaker, author and champion for the family owned business. She's from West Br...

Let the Laughter OUT!

One of my most popular presentations, "Who's Hiding the Humor?" shares a celebratory time wrapped in laughter. Throughout the fun-filled 45 minutes, those in agriculture also learn a critical skill - the ability to keep a positive perspective and enjoy...

Thanksgiving Means Giving Thanks!

…"Heck no! Why should I support the work of the farm when no one appreciates me?" …. "Respect? No! Expect! I'm just expected to go along with everything the farm wants or needs. What about what I need? What our family needs? What about filling me in...

Jolene Brown: The Gift of Learning

Jolene Brown joins us today to talk about the gift of learning. As 2014 comes to an end, we have an opportunity to look back and see what we have learned this year and what we have yet to learn! Jolene Brown is a farmer, professional speaker, a...

Tick Tick Tick

12 months - 365 days - 8,760 hours - 525,600 minutes.  Where did the year go?  How much of that time was consumed by weeds, seeds, breeds, feeds, technology, machinery, money and marketing?  How much of that time was shared with spouse, children, rela...

5 Questions to Answer on Your Farm's Legacy

As I work with families wanting to build a legacy business, I have many questions. It's paramount to clarify the intent and commitment of the asset owners. It's paramount they train and choose wisely who would respectfully and passionately continue the...

Holidays with the In-Laws

Jolene Brown tackles a tough question about holidays with the in-laws. Some great tips on how to not dread this upcoming holiday season and perhaps avoid a not-so-enjoyable Christmas. Jolene Brown, CSP Jolene Brown is a farmer, professional s...

Jolene Brown: What Makes Us Tick

Jolene Brown joins us today with a reminder about what makes us tick. It's important to remember the pieces and parts that come together to make the farm work and not to take that for granted. Full Rights Consent.  Jolene Brown LLC, West Branch...

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