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Shredded BBQ Beef Sandwich Recipe

This slow cooker recipe from The Cooking Ladies...

Beef: State of the Union

According to the beef industry, there is an increase in demand and a shortage in supply of beef which started in 2012 and will likely continue. Due to the drought last year, the retail beef prices will keep increasing in the next two years. Keep reading for more on the future of beef!

Talk to us: Beef debate

For us in the Ag industry, we have to stay conscious of public opinion. Lately, the topic of lean finely textured beef or LFTB has been a hot one. It started a few months ago when the debate about LFTB in ground beef sparked controversy. Read on for more.

Grilling tips

One way to celebrate Beef month is to dust of your grill. It is perfect timing since Memorial Day is coming up! That's the perfect time to throw something on the grill to feed your family! Keep reading for some tips on barbequing to keep it easy and safe!

Beef Facts

May is Beef month! We love beef. Do you?

Read on for some facts about beef!