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Top Ten Reasons to Try Canning

Have you ever considered venturing into the world of canning? Here are ten reasons why you should give it a try!

Preserving Your Peppers

If you have a garden this year, then hopefully your yard is overflowing with beautiful vegetables! And if you can't eat enough to keep the harvest from spoiling, you might be in need of a way to keep your peppers!

Pickle Canning

When it comes to using up those cucumbers, nothing beats pickle canning recipes. This one, Crispy Dill Pickles, is sure to satisfy your summer cravings.

Canning Salsa

This is the perfect time of year to start making your own salsa. If you have your own garden, you can use your harvest for a number of recipes. Try this homemade salsa!

Preservation Guide

There are a ton of benefits to learning preservation techniques. Whether you want to learn how to can or want to depend less on making trips to the grocery, preservation is your answer. The process is used to prevent bacteria, fungi and other micro-organisms from contaminating food. It also allows food to be stored for a length of time to eat a later date. Keep reading for more on preservation techniques.