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Amazing Woman in Ag: Elizabeth

Meet Elizabeth, a dairy farmer from North Carolina.

Spotlight on Udder Tech

Learn a little more about a couple of dairy farmers who turned their need into a dairy outfitting business!

10 Reasons Being a Dairy Farmer is Awesome!

June is Dairy Month and we had to throw out some love to our dairy farmers! Here are the top ten reasons being a dairy farmer is awesome!

National Dairy Month

It's National Dairy Month. Here are some facts and ways to celebrate!

Dairy Outlook 2013

Yesterday we talked about beef demand in the future and today we want to focus on the dairy industry. For 2013, it looks like there is some good news and some bad news. Keep reading for the full story.

Dairy month

As you probably know, it is Dairy Month. There is so much to know about dairy and its vital role in our lives. A lot of people think of milk when they think of dairy, but it's so much more than that. Read on for more about dairy!

Dairy facts!

We love Dairy month. Keep reading for some fun dairy facts!

National Dairy Month!

If you are a dairy producer, or just a dairy fan, you know that June is National Dairy Month. And we wanted to come up with some great ideas to promote this awesome month for people who don't know about it. Click to read more.

Farm gal of the month: Marie Ditzenberger

June is Dairy Month, so we are thrilled to introduce Marie Ditzenberger as our Farm Gal for the month! She comes from Monticello, WI from Mar-Reyz Ditzy Dairy. It is a 220 acre farm with about 170 acres of tillable acreage that is used to primarily grow corn, alfalfa and grass hay.  You may recognize the name as we have used her photos before on our Facebook page. We are big fans of Marie and everything she does for the dairy industry in Wisconsin. And so, for the month of June, we want to share her amazing story.