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Top Ten Reasons to Try Canning

Have you ever considered venturing into the world of canning? Here are ten reasons why you should give it a try!

Geese: Sustainable Weed Control

Today we have a great way to go green and cut back on pesticide use...Geese!

Nutrients for Life: Why garden?

A great way to introduce farming to kids on a smaller scale is through gardening.

Farm Life with Lisa: Raised Beds

Lisa Peterson is back with her gardening project - building your own raised garden bed!

Winter Garden Wrap-up

It's time to put your garden to bed and ensure next season is even better with our winter gardening checklist. Here are four must-do items to prepare for next year.

Fall Gardening

It's time to think about your fall garden. That means researching what to plant and how to care for your vegetables.

Vertical Garden

Growing tomatoes doesn't have to take up a lot of space. In fact, you don't even have to have a garden. Read on for how and why to start a vertical garden.  

Gardening on the go!

Gardening is relaxing. It's therapeutic. It's fun but it takes patience. Check out the four essential things you need to keep your garden at its best.

Shade-tolerant Vegetables

When planning a garden, it's important to know how much sunlight your plants will be getting and how much they need. The best vegetables to grow with less sun are leafy greens like kale, and root vegetables, such as beets.

Garden Week

The second week of April represents a week that is near and dear to us here at Jill's Junction: Garden week. Keep reading for some great garden information!

Indoor Seeding

If you are new to gardening, knowing how to get started can be the biggest challenge. Below is a list to help you know when to plant items if you are seeding indoors. Keep reading for some great information on indoor seeding.

Using newspaper as mulch!

If you get the newspaper, you don't have to walk to the recycling bin to find a place for it after you have read it. In fact, it's actually a great addition to your garden! Newspaper can be used as mulch. Keep reading for details.