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Is Your Grain Cart Ready for Harvest?

Performing some preventive maintenance on grain carts will help ensure they're ready to roll...

Farm Girl Checklist

Whether you are planting, harvesting or just have a long day in the field ahead, this is our best farm girl checklist so you don't leave home without everything you need.

Why We Love Fall on the Farm

We all know being on the farm is the best, but fall on the farm might be our favorite season. Here are a few reasons we love fall on the farm.

Harvest Tips from Farm Couples

Here are some harvest survival tips from farm couples who know the struggle first hand!

Luella's Farm Harvest Wedding

When Luella married her farmer, it was a fabulous farm harvest wedding and she shared a sneak peak with us!

Harvest 2014 is in the books!

Lisa joins us today to recap the 2014 harvest!

10 Signs it's Harvest!

We asked how you know it's harvest in your area and here are the top 10 reasons!

Reconnecting With Your Farmer During Harvest

It's that time again - so we collected some ways to reconnect with your farmer during harvest!