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Farm Girl Checklist

Whether you are planting, harvesting or just have a long day in the field ahead, this is our best farm girl checklist so you don't leave home without everything you need.

Planting (and Patience)

Lisa, our farm gal from Iowa is back today discussing this year's planting season - and patience.

Tips For a Safe and Successful Planting Season

Some tried and true tips for a safe and successful planting season this year!

Farm Girl Tips: How to Survive Planting Season

We gathered up some ways to survive planting season to help you when it seems there is no end in sight!

Farm Life with Lisa: Planting

Lisa Peterson is back today sharing her tales of planting.

Planting: Farm Safety

As planting season gets in full swing, it's important to remember farm safety. Keep reading for some great tips!

20 Signs it's Time to Plant

Here are 20 signs it's time to get out there and plant, according to our farm gals at

Happy Arbor Day!

Today is Arbor Day! It's a holiday to celebrate trees by planting, caring for or being more aware of the trees in your community. Keep reading for more info on this great holiday!

Transplanting Seeds

Yesterday we discussed some benefits of starting your own seeds early if you are going to have a garden. Today we have some tips on how to transplant those once they are ready for their new spaces.

Tip of the Week: Planting Post drought

There is no doubt that our country went through a tough time this year. With erratic weather and not nearly enough rain, many people suffered. And it's no surprise that the effects may be long-lasting. So, how can you prepare for this planting season? Keep reading for some tips!

How does your garden grow?

We are checking in on our wildflower progress. As you may have read, we planted some seeds a few weeks ago. But we also decided to try some potted wildflowers. Here's what we have so far...