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Learning to Love Summer on the Farm

Krista, the Farmer's Wifee, shares about learning to love summer on the farm.

Vacation Season Safety Tips

Should you venture off of the farm this summer for a much-deserved vacation, here are some great safety tips to consider before you depart.

School's Out! (What that means on the farm)

Jolene Brown joins us to discuss the challenges of summer and how to tackle that 'free time' now what schools out!

The Best Things About Fair Season

Fair season is here and there's a lot to love about it. Here are seven things we love about fair season!

Summer on the Farm

Summer on the farm is amazing. It's hot. It's hectic. And it's wonderful. Here are a few reasons why we love summer on the farm.

Balancing the Boots and Bling this Fair Season

Michele is back on how to balance the boots and the bling as we continue through fair season!

Michele Payn-Knoper: County Fair Connection

Michele discusses the county fair and how hot buttons can help you connect with a younger audience!

Summer Favorite: Watermelon

There are so many things to love about summer but one of our favorite things is fresh fruit in season!

Peach and Onion Salad

Summer salads make a great side or meal. Next time you are looking for a perfect salad with a little something different, try this peach and onion salad.

Summer Seasonal Food

It is summer which means the next wave of fruits, veggies and more are in season. Keep reading for what's in season!

Farmers Market: Summer Melons

From cantaloupe to watermelon, the summer varieties are delicious and versatile.

Natural Sore Throat Relief

Lucky for our land, we have had some pretty consistent rain around Kentucky this summer. But this makes for a miserable allergy season for those who suffer.