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Making the Most of Your Snow Days

Christine shares how to make the most of a snow day: it's the perfect day to use your extra time to do an even better job on the farm!

Farm Life with Lisa: Snowed in

Today we have a new guest on the website. Lisa is a farm gal who took a break for the city and is now back on the farm in Iowa!

Winter Weather Precautions

Farming is a year-round business which means whether it is snowing, raining or sunny, farm families are exposed to all kinds of weather. Here are some tips for the cold.

Winter Garden Wrap-up

It's time to put your garden to bed and ensure next season is even better with our winter gardening checklist. Here are four must-do items to prepare for next year.

Winter Weather Safety

We have a Winter Storm Watch here in Kentucky and we thought it would be a good time to refresh on some winter safety tips.

Winter Prep

As it gets colder, it's important to look out for your animals outside. Because the temperature can drop quickly, and even unexpectedly, it's good to be prepared. Here are some tips on keeping your animals safe and healthy as the weather cools.

Lovely snow shots!

It's still pretty chilly here and we are wishing it would snow again if it's going to stay cold! Here are some really fantastic photos that were submitted by Meri of the snow out in our surroundings here in Kentucky. Check out the photos!

Sledding Fun!

Meri sent us some additional photos from snowy Kentucky. Even though the snow has melted now, we just couldn't resist the photos of her grandkids and dogs! These pictures are adorable! Keep reading for the photos.

Let it snow!

We got some great snow here in Kentucky last week. It was just enough not to disrupt our day to day activities, but enough to coat the trees and grass. It was very pretty. We had a couple of snow shots that we just had to share. Keep reading for the photos.

Winter preparation: Car kit

Just to be safe in the winter, it's a good idea to keep an emergency winter kit in your car. Here are some items we recommend so that no matter what happens, you always stay safe!

Beautiful winter photos!

Today we wanted to share some wonderful winter photos that were submitted by Meri. We love to see your photos, especially how you decorate your tree or your home for the holidays!

Energy-saving tips for fall/winter

As the weather gets cooler, it's a good idea to have a reminder of some ways to save energy. Getting your house fall and winter ready can save you money and keep you warm! Be sure to try our top five fall energy saving tips by reading on.